A Careopolis is an online “caring community”. It is quick and easy to create, for engaging friends and family members around a loved one as it relates to any healing or aging journey. A Careopolis is private, invitation-only, mobile-friendly and bilingual (English & Spanish). It is created and operated by you and your invited loved ones and contains an integrated blog, storytelling solution, interactive calendar, photo-sharing tools, 3-D medical animations and more.

The integrated tools and content work altogether to enhance the texture and durability of how loved ones become and remain:

  • Engaged as a supportive fabric of connectedness
  • Empowered with empathy, more than just sympathy or well-wishes
  • Part of the journey, as opposed to more of the landscape

Why Rogue?

Rogue Prosthetics and Consulting Services aims to be the leader in Orthotic and Prosthetic Services in Central Texas.

Our goal as a prosthetic provider is to provide our patients with optimal care and treatment. We are here to support you and your family while you transition into your new life as an amputee. We understand that amputation may not have been a choice for you and there are many life challenges ahead.

We are focused on the needs and goals of our patients, and we respect everyone. We follow through on our word. We will always be kind to our patients, our customers, and our team by being mindful of ourselves.